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Are you a great tradie in Victoria?  But tired of having quiet weeks with no jobs coming in? 

Do you realise that word of mouth will only get you so far?

Do you want to get your website, advertising and marketing up to speed?

Do you want to actually show up in Google?

Do you want to utilise social media like you know you should?


But have no idea how?


If so, this is honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity...



The opportunity is essentially this:


You help renovate our property and we'll help renovate your business.


That's right - we have a renovation to do but we're not tradies.

And you have a business to grow but you're not business growth specialists.

And let's face it - money and work is a little tight at the moment but we all still have things we need to help our businesses succeed.


So why not trade?


Yep, you help us by doing what you're good, at while we help you by doing what we're good at?

Check out the video below for more information.


You see, like it or not, online is where people find what they're looking for.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn - even Groups...whenever people are looking for help, the 'net is where they start.

And that includes tradies.

Digital is the way the world is moving - you can't fight that fact.

But the digital world is massive - there are so many options, so many platforms, so many opinions and so much content that you need to get started.

And you're too busy being good at your trade and working in the business to have the time to learn another set of skills - even though you know it's the path to growth.

All the same, if you don't move forward, you're sunk.

If you don't get on top of it, your competitors will.

They'll be the ones doing what you know you should be doing - great websites, Google ads, Facebook ads, social media, blogs and more...

And they'll be the last one standing.

But you don't want that to be them, do you?

You want that to be YOU.

You want to be at the top of the search results. 

You want the incredible reputation.

You want to be seen as THE expert in your field.

You want to be the ONLY one people call first.

What if we told you that we could build it all for you?

For free?


Just think...

Your videos showing people how expert you are in interesting and engaging ways.

Your business being all over peoples Facebook and Google searches as soon as they express interest in services like yours.

Your business scaling like you never thought possible.


✔️ Your own amazing website

✔️ A complete marketing structure

✔️ A ton of engaging content

✔️ Expert marketing advice


And all without you spending a cent.

Just some time and expertise of your own.


Whats in it for you?

It depends on what you need but here's what's on offer.

Firstly, we will sit down with you to understand your business, your goals and your challenges. Then, we will create your very own "Nurture Net" - a tailor made map of online marketing campaigns, email automations and more that is designed to grow your specific business at scale.

We will also produce a ton of Video Content for you to use in Social Media, on your Website or in your Online Marketing.

And then, depending on the work you're doing, we'll build it all for you.

Finally, if it works into the plans, we will build you a state of the art website.

Everything is completely flexible and tailored for your business.

But wait...there's more!

Even more importantly, this project will be a content creating machine

When it comes to building  a social presence and having video funnels online that attract and convert customers,often the hardest part is actually creating the content. But guess what...?

We have already sourced a videographer who will be interviewing and filming each tradie while they are onsite, then creating awesome videos for you to use in your business

We will create all the various forms of content that we know you need and will boost your business and get the leads rolling in, leaving your competitors in your dust. 

All while you just do what you're good at. 

So what do we need in return?

Your skills and your time.

Yes, we're renovating a property but being experts at marketing, web design, content creation and business strategy won't replace a floorboard, plumb a bathroom or wire the lights.

So if you're a Carpenter, Plumber, Sparky, Painter, Fencer, Arborist, Tiler, Insulator, Plasterer, Fencer, Excavator or  Asbestos Removalist - WE NEED YOU!

We have the plans, we know what we want and we will provide you with a complete brief and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Where else can you swap a couple of days work for a ton of content, a complete website or a full social media advertising campaign?

This is a really limited opportunity!

We can only work with one of each of the following:

👷 Asbestos Removals

👷 Plumber

👷 Sparky

👷 Painter

👷 Fencer

👷 Excavator

👷 Carpenter

👷 Arborist

👷  Tiler

👷 Insulator

👷 Plasterer


Products we are looking for are: 

🛠️ Solar Hot Water

🛠️ Bathroom/Kitchen Fitout

🛠️ Furniture

🛠️ Tiles

🛠️ Paint

🛠️ Lighting

🛠️ Fencing

🛠️ Building Supplies

🛠️ Appliances

🛠️ Insulation

🛠️ Fire Places 

So who are we?

We're Bek and Adam - a husband and wife team who have grown 3 successful businesses by using the very strategies we are talking about.

Our biggest and most awesome is Hugs for Kids in Belgrave.

There, we have created a community of parents online that depend and love everything that we do. How? 

Our incredible nurture campaigns and digital strategies.

And now they can be yours?

Most recently we have launched Nurture Digital - a business that uses the knowledge we have gained over the years to help other business grow.

We create advertising campaigns, websites, retargeting ads, great content, blogs and email campaigns.

Everything that our clients need to find, nurture and sell to their clients.

So yes, we know what we're doing.

And it is all of those things that we are offering to you.

This is the future...

There is only so long you can rely on word of mouth advertising.

But right now, there is an opportunity. Most small businesses are moving incredibly slowly onto the digital train, so this is your chance to leapfrog the competition.

But you need to get online now before your business is in trouble and you can’t fight through the crowds. 

Be among the top in your industry to make social media work for you and reap the rewards,,,

How do you get involved?

This project will commence in September 2020 in the lovely town of Monbulk, Victoria in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.

If you are a Victorian tradie and want to know more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, just enter your details below and we'll send you an information pack.  We'll then be in touch to set up a time to meet.

But don't delay, we only need one of each trade!